The term sliding scale within the realm of counselling or psychology refers to a reduced rate sometimes depicted by the clients income. One of the main counselling resources that offers a more traditional form of sliding scale in Calgary is the Calgary Counselling Centre. The Calgary Counselling Centre offers counselling fees based on individual income to ensure prospective clients pay accordingly to what they can financially afford. The Calgary Counselling Centre’s mission involves improving individuals and families wellbeing by offering best practices in counselling. 


Alternatively, sliding scale fees are also common among various private practices in Calgary. Let’s take a quick look at some things being said about why some private practices use sliding scale. The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) suggests Canadian counsellors use sliding scale fees for one or a combination of the following:

  1. To offer counselling to clients who can’t afford the full session fee
  2. To ensure the therapist has a full caseload of clients
  3. The therapist isn’t confident with their full session fee
  4. All or some of the above


At Reviving Waves Counselling Therapy, the only motive behind sliding scale fees is the first option. I founded Reviving Waves to provide clients an honest, affordable, and high quality service that can help their psychological wellbeing without financial barriers. Unlike the Calgary Counselling Centre, Reviving Waves does not require proof of monthly or annual income to negotiate session fees. 


In my opinion, every person deserves equal access to quality counselling services. Unfortunately in our world today, many people face unaffordable prices behind most services. The question to ask yourself is why let money or benefits depict your healing journey any more? Imagine no longer waiting for your insurance benefits to renew or to have enough money saved up for a few sessions. Sliding Scale Counselling could be just the answer you are looking for! 




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