Let healing waves revive your body, mind and soul!

“Feelings are much like waves. We can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to surf”

Jonatan Martensson

About Reviving Waves

Reviving Waves Counselling Therapy is an online and in-person counselling company created by Joanne Robertson, MC, CCC.

With the changing way of the world, Reviving Waves hopes to heal individuals right in the comfort of their own home as well as in-person.

Reviving Waves mission is to provide high quality counselling services at an affordable rate. The priority is to have individuals fully focus on healing themselves and less on the cost.

This is accomplished by offering counselling rates at a lower rate than most competitors, reduced rate options, and insurance coverage with most providers.

Counselling for all ages

Reviving Waves Counselling Therapy is focused on providing individual counselling therapy to both children and adults.

By seeking counselling over a virtual platform there can be an ease in opening up, building trust, and saving valuable time commuting to an office.

For those more comfortable seeking counselling in-person, Joanne also offers face to face appointments and uses play therapy with children.  

Counselling Costs

Reviving Waves wants to provide you with the healing you need and limit financial stress. Base rates are $150/hr and adjusted rate options are available for those in financial distress without insurance coverage. 

Insurance coverage is available from specific providers. Green Shield, Equitable Life of Canada, Pacific Blue Cross, Sunlife and ClaimSecure all have full coverage. Manulife, Alberta Blue Cross, and Great West Life may have some coverage depending on your plan.

Please ask your insurance provider if you are eligible for services provided by a Canadian Certified Counsellor.


The time for change is now and Reviving Waves is here to help!
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