Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions about what to expect working with me.  Here are some answers to provide you with some clarity:

What format should I expect counselling sessions to be in?

I offer both virtual and in-person counselling services to clients. Whether you are looking for virtual counselling out of the comfort of your own home or want to commute to a central location for counselling services, Reviving Waves is here to help you! 

What is the rate of each counselling session?

My standard rate of counselling is $150 per 50 minute session. I understand the financial strain that some people face. In certain cases, I will be open to discussing an adjusted rate of counselling. It is very important to me that I put people's emotional well-being at the forefront of each and every session. 

How will we know if we are a good fit for each other in a counselling setting?

In order for me to ethically and professionally offer counselling to you, you need to be someone I don't personally know and are seeking support in one of my specialty areas. If you are in a gray area and aren't sure prior to our first session, please send me an email to and I will gladly try to provide you some clarity to ensure our first session meets the above criteria. I am also happy to offer a free 15 minute phone or virtual consultation to determine if we are a good fit for one another. 

As for yourself, it is very important that you feel comfortable with me in our first session and that I am someone you feel you can trust and warm up to. If I don't fit that description for you, there is absolutely no judgement and you can either find a better suitable therapist for yourself or I can gladly refer you to another therapist.

What will session one look like?

In the first session, I will review informed consent, goals, and obtain personal information relevant to providing you with the best possible counselling. I will likely use a genogram to map out family patterns, relations, and other helpful information.

In the case of counselling a minor, the first session will only be with the minor's parent(s) and/or guardian to review informed consent. The subsequent therapy sessions for a minor are soley with the minor unless I inform the parent(s) and/or guardian(s) to be present as well at specific sessions. The first session and all sessions are designed to have all your questions answered so please ask away!

How many therapy sessions will I require?

If after the first session we both agree we are a fit, I will schedule a second session in a week’s time to explore and work towards your therapy goals. It will then depend on what goals you have set, how you are achieving them, and what level of support you require as to how many sessions you will require. Session to session we will discuss how you are feeling and your progress toward achieving your goals. This will help guide your course of counselling therapy.

Do both parents need to provide consent for child therapy services?

For my work with minors, I will require both parents to give consent for services. This will ensure the best possible communication and openness is there to support the child’s needs. In the case of separation or divorce, I will require a copy of the court order and separation agreement prior to first session to only give consent from one parent. If you are a full time guardian to a child, please send appropriate legal work prior to the first session.

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